What is a DApp?

A DApp is an otherwise normal mobile app that has its backend code running on a decentralized, peer-to-peer network (or “blockchain”) – in our case, EOS.

The DApp is downloaded to your phone like any other App you own. However, the FITBLOX back end and data is stored on EOSIO. Your data is safe and secure on a platform that can only be accessed with the permission of one person – you.


The benefits of EOSIO allow FitBlox to generate and distribute FitBlox tokens to fitness enthusiasts when they interact with the community, post fitness updates, achieve goals, and many other fitness actions.

Data Ownership:

These days, your fitness data is worth more to many big corporations than your bank account information. With FitBlox and EOSIO, not only are you in full control of who gets access to your data, but unlike traditional social media networks, you receive the rewards from sharing your fitness data with companies, instead of letting big corporations earn all the money. With FitBlox, you may choose to share all, none, or some of your data with advertisers.

The Future

The Blockchain has been heralded as the greatest invention since the Internet itself. Learn the power of being in full control of your own journey to a healthier you.