FitBlox FAQs

How to buy/invest and what is the minimum/maximum?

If you have a full-fledged wallet that can store ERC20 compatible tokens, you simply transfer the ETH from your wallet to the smart contract wallet indicated on the website In response, you will automatically receive the appropriate number of OKOIN tokens. Minimum 1 token.

How do I get tokens and how soon?

Tokens will be credited automatically. In at least 3 hours.

What Gas Limit and Gas Price should I set?

We recommend to set Gas Limit to be at least 90 000. Gas price – 50 Gwei

ICO Details

To what address should I send ETH to receive tokens?

The address is on the main page of the website

Will the tokens be listed on an exchange? When and on what?

yobit, etherdelta. We are negotiating with the leading exchanges and soon will publish this information on the website.

Post ICO

Where will the remaining tokens be allocated to after the ICO?

The remaining tokens will be allocated to stimulation of the ecosystem. You can find more information about the tokens distribution in the WP.

How do I get free tokens?

Our company has the Bounty and the Referral programs. More detailed information you will find at the website

Do you have a finished product?

VR Technology is the Czech company produces headsets of virtual reality for watching adult movies. The headquarter of the company is located in Prague and representative offices are established in 8 cities, 4 countries. Read more at the website:

How will the money be distributed after the ICO?

The Finance Department will answer this question by e-mail. Please contact