Get Rewarded for

Being Healthy

FITBLOX is a fitness mobile DApp powered by the EOS Blockchain. It combines fitness tracking, social media, and an incentive-based motivational rewards paradigm.


challenging goals and get rewarded for results.


your fitness goals the way you want to.


and learn with the FITBLOX community.


come from hitting goals and encouraging others.

Easily Keep Track
Of Workouts & Progress

With FITBLOX, you’ll be able to easily add custom workouts, try new workouts from the community and fitness professionals, while tracking your progress over time. We make it easy for you, and your goals and training preferences dictate your workout. The app will remind you: just show up when we do.

Join the community
and complete exciting challenges!

  • Experience the online fitness community through the blockchain.
  • Join groups and compete with others privately or publicly.
  • Receive rewards and encouragement from others when posting your success.
  • Try online videos, workouts, and nutrition tips from your favorite fitness professionals.

Connect with friends, find new places to train or shop

Share your progress and inspire others with your journey

Take control
of your privacy

Leveraging the power of the blockchain, you’re in control of your privacy settings. Share as much or as little as you like.

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